IMIHI Designs


IMIHI Designs is a brand that has the true fashionista in mind; a brand that is for women of all shapes and sizes. Every garment that is ordered has been handcrafted to each customers size choice or provided measurements. From start to finish, everything we do has our customer in mind. Our hope is that every customer that encounters our brand is encouraged to embrace their true beauty and walks away feeling 1st Class, Captivating, and Confident. 


Where it all started...

Alexis Lenae started IMIHI (pronounced em-may-hee) as just a hashtag #IMIHIapproved, back in 2014 as just a way to promote positive body image. Alexis decided to learn sewing as a hobby back in 2015 to create clothing for her self that she couldn't find in stores. "Being plus-size, I found it frustrating to go shopping in stores and not be able to find fashionable clothing in my size. Often times it left me feeling defeated and insecure." While her intention was just to make clothes for herself, it was clear God had other plans.

In 2015, Alexis created a custom piece for a friend and once it was posted to social media, IMIHI Designs quickly became more than a body-positive hashtag, it became a brand that embodies class, elegance, creativity, and so much more.

Since its launch, IMIHI has gained clients from all over the world, and has been featured in various fashion shows and magazines. Our hope is that every client we encounter has an experience that allows them to see themselves as the amazing and beautiful person that God intended them to be; that they’ll be able to look in the mirror and simply say “I AM IMIHI (I’m Made In His Image).”